Odds and Ends in the collection



Here is a badge that has aroused interest in the past. 

According to correspondence between Alan and Cyril Kent Sim this badge was discussed and agreed that it could be a British Trinidad Constabulary badge, nothing is mentioned about the number 1 though, could it be divisional?

Measures: 65mm wide x 52mm high. Constructed of a steel back, brass crown, white metal letters and number, outer chain appears to also be of white metal.






The second badge here is cloth with gold braiding. The coat of arms are unrecognised.

Measures: 33mm wide x 55mm high.











Found a photocopy of a badge that appears to be of Villa Cantabridge. The coat of Arms clearly are that of Cambridge.









This is a Mid Anglia Constabulary patch, but where was it used? 

Measures: 5 1/2" X 4"


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