Alan probably started collecting truncheons sometime mid 1988, before selling the bulk of his helmet plates around 1992. He probably felt that, as the sought after helmet plates he wanted were becoming harder to get, he would branch out to collecting truncheons, especially those from local forces as he had a good starter, with a very nice Oundle, Northamptonshire truncheon (ref 56) bought from a family friend.


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Details of Truncheon

Front/Main Picture

Back/Second Picture


Constables Truncheon
Exeter Style, 18" long, Large Crown,
W 1V R in Script
Constable in gold on red background
Parker Holborn distributors
Floret Star Decor on Reverse



Rutland Constabulary
17" long, Large Crown, VR in Script,
R.C. in gold on red background within scrolled cartouche
Date estimated 1837-1901



Bristol & Exeter Railway Police
17.5" long, Large Victorian Crown, BER 51
small star designs above and below BER51
distributed by Parker 233 Holborn
Date estimated 1844-1876
Details in book 'Truncheons An Unequal Match'
Page 92.

Limited decoration on reverse



South Newton Wiltshire
15.5" long, Large Crown, 
Gartered Royal Arms of Victoria
South Newton in gold above handle
Large gold leaf design on reverse
Date estimated 1837-1901



Devonport Victualing Yard Police
17.5" long, Large Crown with WR,
Fouled Anchor within Garter
Ornate gold edged cartouche
Vict Yard Police in gold on red
Fleur De Lys Decor on reverse
with No.3 above handle
This is quite a special truncheon, especially so
with its companion brass plaque.
Date estimated 1830-37
Details in book 'Truncheons An Unequal Match'
Page 112.
More Reading, The Police Service in Plymouth



Lyddington Rutland
17.5" long, Large Crown, VR scripted
ornate gold edged cartouche
Constable of Lyddington on red background
Date estimated 1837-1901



20.5" long, Gold Top/red line beneath block. VR in gold and red crown above boars head on a blue white wreath. Initials WM 1868
Made to commemorate Bradford becoming a Borough in 1868
Ex Mervyn Mitton Collection.

No decoration/detail on reverse




18" long, V1R above
Lion on Crown above large Cinque Ports Arms. Dover 1846. Chain Restraints on reverse.
Details in book 'Truncheons An Unequal Match'
Page 115.



Cambridge Borough
12" long, VR above
Crown above Gartered Royal Arms above
Borough Arms of Cambridge
On reverse: HS. Foster Esq. Mayor 1849
Ex Fenn Clarke Collection.
Details in book 'Truncheons An Unequal Match'
Page 88.



Cambridge University
12" long, Crown above Victoria's Royal Arms
College Arms Below
Details in book 'Truncheons An Unequal Match' page 138.

No decoration/detail on reverse



Norfolk Style
12" long, Baulster type short truncheon painted brown with gold ball on top.
W1VR Crown above Royal Arms within green leaf design wreath.
constable in gold above handle.
Date estimated 1830-37

No decoration/detail on reverse



13.5" long, Baulster type with gold top and G111R centre
long slender handle poorly turned when made
Date estimated 1760-1820

No decoration/detail on reverse



15" long, Block VR above Crown No1 in gold on red ground within gold leaf design cartouche Bradford in gold with red shading
8" Baulster with shaped and ribbed handle
Date estimated 1837-1901

No decoration/detail on reverse



13.5" long, W1VR above crown
Red rings top centre and base of grip
5.5" ribbed grip.
Date estimated 1830-37

No decoration/detail on reverse



Victoria Coronation Staff
24.5" long black painted.
Gold top rim, Very large Crown
VR scripted cipher
2" gold band with date 1837 in black there on rope tassle display below.



Unknown 31" Staff
31" long, Top 10" black, below yellow ring, Crown GR111
Natural wood, remaining 6" painted black with gold C95
Date estimated 1760-1820



Wiltshire Constabulary?
19.5" long, Black club shape
Block VR in yellow & blue crown WC 79
Date estimated 1837-1901

No decoration/detail on reverse



Unknown W1VR Truncheon
17" long, Black painted
Baulster 3.5" head carved to represent a crown and painted with Fluer De Lys and crosslets and other designs.
W1VR and leaf design painted on top of shaft, all paintwork in orange brown on black.
Date estimated 1830-37

Limited decoration on reverse



Unknown W1VR Truncheon
18" long, Top end red with 1" yellow band. WR in Script red/yellow 1Vth No.34 M
M = Mansfield? Manchester? etc etc
Date estimated 1830-37



Unknown G1VR Parish Constabulary
21.5" long, Black painted
1V. above Crown above large scripted GR in green and gold between two yellow bands.
Date estimated 1820-1830



Fife Prison
18.5" long, Crown above block V.R
F.P 3026 in yellow above grip.
Impressed letter A.I in top end and impressed letter .W in base of grip
Originally came from Cupar gaol Fifeshire 1942

No decoration/detail on reverse



Painted dark blue, Large Crown above Gartered Arms, gold sailing ship on green sea with gold fish. Scripted V.R above S:C: above Cartouche No5 within. Possibly a Special Constable. Distributed by D.Cormack Edinbro
Date estimated 1837-1901



Unknown WR Truncheon
15.5" long, Plain natural mahogany unshaped truncheon with large round knob at top
Painted W.R. over a medium Crown
Date estimated 1830-37

No decoration/detail on reverse



Unknown VR Truncheon
16" long, black painted Block, VR above Crown
G. and G.D. below Crown in gold
with ribbed handle
Date estimated 1837-1901

No decoration/detail on reverse



Parish of Oundle in Northamptonshire 
17.5" long, WR.1V. above Crown, painted black
Truncheon belonged to PC Charles John Turner born 20th September 1857. Died 15th August 1929. Stationed at Oundle police station then later at Derngate station in Northampton. Likely a reused truncheon.



Berkshire Special Constable
18" long, Crown over script W1VR
Berks Special Constable on red ground within
cartouche, Parker Holborn on base with LW37
impressed into handle butt
Date estimated 1830-37



Unknown W1VR Special Constable
18" long, Black painted barrel with gold
writing & decoration.
Stamped at butt end Parker Holborn
Date Estimated 1830-1837

No decoration/detail on reverse



Unknown Carved Wooden Tip Staff
17" long, with 3.5" Crown on 5" baluster with
tapered barley sugar handle in green, gold
base end, Royal Arms with supporters on 
paper G1111R in script, On reverse IP within
broad leaf wreath, TR 1825 above handle
Details in book 'Truncheons An Unequal Match'
Page 139.



Over Cambridgeshire Parish Constable
23" long, W1VR above large Crown
1816 Royal Arms, dated 1830.
Belonged to Thomas Gifford Parish Constable
from 1830 to 1842 in Over Cambridgeshire

No decoration/detail on reverse



Over Cambridgeshire Parish Constable
18" long, painted black, Crown above 1816
Royal Arms within wreathed Garter upon
scrolled 'Dieu Et Mon Droit'
W1VR in Script, above handle in Yellow/green
'Thos Gifford' OVER.
Parish Constable 1830 - 1842

No decoration/detail on reverse



Unknown G111R Staff
24.5" long, Crown above block printed G111R
No.34. One of two identical with same No.
Maybe Scottish District Number.

No decoration/detail on reverse

Sold: 28/10/2016



Lindsey Lincolnshire
16" long, natural polished wood, Edward Crown,
ER scripted cipher above letter L in gold/red
on a black painted background with two dark
red rings each end, and shaped ribbed handle
Date estimated 1901-1910

No decoration/detail on reverse



Unknown G 1V R 24" Truncheon
24" long, Large Crown,
G1VR cipher & tassle decor,
gold acorn style knob
Date estimate 1820-1830



Kesteven Lincolnshire
13" long, bottle shape truncheon painted black
exceptionally smooth surface
V.R. No 50 and letter K all in gold & red shade
Date estimated 1837-1901

No decoration/detail on reverse



Unknown Tip Staff
7.5" long, Brass barrel with solid brass crown
Boxwood handle heavily incised

No decoration/detail on reverse



Silver Tipstaff
6"5/8 long, Tubulor silver barrel with
Spherical ends - small at base - large at top
surmounted with ducal coronette
Original owner would have been a Duke and 
possibly a member of the Judiciary
Details in book 'Truncheons An Unequal Match'
Page 142.

No decoration/detail on reverse



Totnes Devon Civic Mace
23.5" long, painted black, Civic Mace.
Decorated on all four faces - Royal Arms,
Crown with Scripted VR on red background, 
Totnes Coat of Arms, Union Flag,
Date estimate 1837-1901
Lots of detail, superb item to have!
Can't help thinking its a table leg.



Vale of Rheidol Railway
17" long, painted black,
Crown above Royal Arms
Cipher V.R below, Cartouche containing
V-R 85 Police, gold on Red
Date estimate 1900-1901
Details in book 'Truncheons An Unequal Match'
Page 104.


You may wonder why numbers: 2 6 7 10 11 16 19 22 26 28 29 30 31 32 33 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 43 45 46 47 48 49 51 53 54 57 58 59 60 61 62 
63 66 67 71 72 73 75 78 79 84 85 86 87 88 - are not included. This is because they were either sold, exchanged or swapped. While his reference book still shows photos, dates bought and price paid... I really don't fancy listing all this extra detail at this time!

Note that: In my study of Alan's (Dads) truncheons, I had found much help and assistance from a book 'Truncheons An Unequal Match' by Alan C. Cook, where many of these truncheons here, are photographed and detailed. 
The link will take you to the authors Web Pages at I fully recommend you own a copy.

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