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So far, with listing these truncheons, for the enjoyment of others. I too have had immense enjoyment in bringing these ancient items out into the sunlight, the first time in many years, probably. The thrill of just looking at these painted items that are intricately done is just awe inspiring! I have some experience in working with oil based paints and to see very old varnishes here giving such warm opaque colour is pleasant to say the least. The well worn used surfaces of gold leaf and various pigmented paints that are no longer used makes one 'feel' the age. You can zoom in on all of these photos but you'll never feel the sense one has in just handling them, in sunlight.

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Details of Truncheon

Front/Main Picture

Reverse side/Second Picture


Neath Borough Police
18" long, Crown above Gartered Arms of
Neath (gold) turret on blue background
Neath Borough Police within the garter
Acanthus decoration to reverse
An excellent condition truncheon!



11"3/4 long, Ebony, Baulster type, 3" head,
7.5" incised ring shaped handle
Crown & GR in gold
Leicester Arms on reverse
Date Estimate 1820-1830 George 4th



Commissioners of Woods & Forests
18" long, Crown above Royal Arms,
Green Cartouche with gilded surround
Comrs of W&F. 
Distributed by Parker 233 Holborn
Date Estimate 1837-1901
Details in book 'Truncheons An Unequal Match'
Page 145.



Great Northern Railway
17" long, Crown above Royal Arms
Great Northern Railway in Cartouche No6
Date Estimate 1862-1901
Details in book 'Truncheons An Unequal Match'
Page 95. (Exchanged for Ref:191. 22/9/16)



Grantham Ex Manthorpe
19" long, W4R above large Crown which again
is above the Grantham coat of arms.
Below is TS above Manthorpe, very worn
G.C. impressed into barrel
Date Estimate 1830-1837



W^D Provost Marshalls Office Tipstaff
7" long, Solid cast brass Crown, Ebony grip,
Parker Field & Sons - London. The Crown screws
off but only reaches 1" in depth inside.
Provost Marshalls Office according to
Mittons book page 75



Unknown Standard Plain Tipstaff
9.5" long, plain brass barrel with a two part
cast crown.
4" black ebony shaped handle grip.
Difficult to date

No decoration/detail on reverse


Unknown Short Police Truncheon
12.5" long, Large Crown, VR scripted
Police in gold around top of handle grip.
Date Estimate 1837-1901



Leicester Tipstaff
9.5" long, Natural Rose Wood
2" ball on top, Three detailed faces,
All gold with red shading on green background
1/ G1111R and G.P.
2/ Leicester Arms and BF.
3/ A Georgian Crown
6" shaped handle
Date Estimate 1820-1830
Details in book 'Truncheons An Unequal Match'
Page 140.



St George in the East. Middlesex
Solid Silver tipstaff with Ebony handle
12" long, Open Crown likely with velvet filling
Heavily filled engravings, see details after
Dated G111R, 1819
More Reading here
Details in book 'Truncheons An Unequal Match'
Page 46.

This staff is to be transferred from one constable to the other on paying three pounds seven shillings.
John Symonds constable of the parish of St Georges East Middx 1819.
Robert Lewes & Wm Ledger Church Wardens
Wm Hall 1818, Joseph Horsley 1820, John Hind 1821, GN Scudder 1822, John Saunders 1823, Geo Cooper 1833, WF Francis 1834, W Anderton 1835, John Greasley 1838, John Knight Esq 1840, LL Bond 1842, Benj'n Hall 1843.



Plymouth Silver Tipstaff
5.5"long, Brass Open Crown on 1.5" silver barrel
engraved with Plymouth Arms & initials JC
4" shaped Mahogany handle
More Reading, The Police Service in Plymouth



Beer Ferris Devon
16.5" long, Crown above Royal Arms within a
shield surrounded by a wreath, black background
Elaborate VR gold script
Horseshoe inverted scroll Beer Ferris. Constable
Date Estimated 1837-1901



Manchester Tipstaff
9.5" long baulster made of Walnut
Royal Arms with supporters below
Dieu Et Mon Droit on a banner
On reverse, No9 district? Arms of Manchester
Initials J.A. all on a blue/green background.
Date Estimate possibly 1842



Sudbury Tipstaff
Silvered Cast Crown
Brass 3.5" Engraved Barrel
Sudbury 5" waisted handle
Difficult to date

No decoration/detail on reverse



Wooden Tip Staff
Completely wooden of what looks to be Beech
9.5" long, with carved and gilded Crown.
3.5" barrel with 2" silver oval plaque set in 
bearing Arms of ? unable to estimate date.
Can you identify this please?



Lincoln City
17.5" long, Large Coat of Arms in Silver & red
on a black painted barrel. Handle is natural wood and looks to be Oak.
Unable to estimate a date.

No decoration/detail on reverse



Wyberton Lincolnshire
13.5" long, G.R Crown, Wyberton No.1 all in gold print on a bottle green background.
Under the green paint there looks to be blue paint seen where chips are. Also looks to have had the butt end sawn off as most unusual uncomfy grip. Date Estimated 1820-1830



18.5" long, Red ball end, blue/green barrel, black plain handle, tapered from top to bottom end. Large W1VR Crown with red band near handle. Date Estimated 1830-1837



13.5" long, Top shaped and gilded/painted in style of a Crown. Top 2" blue/green background large block capital V.R. gilded.
Lower 2.5" brown/red background upon which WAKEFIELD 1845, Royal Arms supporters passant and Mr Thos Shaw, Constable.
Green waisted handle, four black incised rings at base. A very nice item!



Ramsey Huntingdonshire
18" long, Black painted barrel, V1R Royal Arms
with Lion & Unicorn supporter passant.
10" barrel with 8" brown plain handle with pointed end. Unfortunately lots of chips revealing red lead primer underneath.
Date Estimated to be 1837-1901



Cambridge Borough GvR
15" long, modern standard type truncheon, Royal Arms and Cambridge Arms. Reverse side Lt. Col.  B.W.Beales, V.D. Mayor. 1916
Barnet William Beales born in Cambridge was a tailor and robe maker, lived in Sidney Street.



Folkingham Lincolnshire House of Correction
14.5" long, Black truncheon with gold writing, brown natural wooden ribbed handle. V then small Crown followed by R
Crudely made but most probably genuine.
Dated Estimate 1837-1878 when closed.
Info here



Stamford Borough Lincolnshire
13" long, Quite a heavy object with a comfy ribbed grip. Natural wood, Medium size Victorian Crown Over 1 VR Stamford in gold Scroll banner. Under which is Serg making this a rare Sergeants truncheon.

No decoration/detail on reverse



Penzance Tipstaff
15.5" long, Scripted VR
F Boase Esq. (Francis) Mayor 1859
Brass body & Crown, Rose Wood handle
Body was probably silver plated originally.
A very nice long slender Tipstaff.



Unknown Standard Police Truncheon
16.5" long, Medium Crown, Letters VR scripted.
An uninteresting item but has a nice shape and grip. I do like this truncheon!
Date Estimate 1837-1901

No decoration/detail on reverse


Unknown Standard Tipstaff
12" long, A very nice painted item but sadly has a badly spoilt grip where someone wanted some sort of strap attached.
Unable to estimate a date.

No decoration/detail on reverse


Little-Stukeley Huntingdonshire Tipstaff
12.5" long, quite a sturdy Tipstaff with G1VR above Royal Arms. Nice paintwork considering how this has been knocked about.
Clearly dated: 1827.



Police Office Warwick
17" long, Medium Crown above W1V. Midway a cartouch with 11 within its centre. I am somewhat unsure of this being genuine.
Date Estimated 1830-1837

No decoration/detail on reverse


Unknown Standard Tipstaff
16" long, A very interesting item with a painted shaped Crown. Beautifully scripted GR over bold 1V.
Dated on reverse side 1830.



Unknown Standard Police Truncheon
16.5" long, Large Crown, Letters VR scripted in gold with red shadowing, background painted dark blue.
Two Gold Bands around top and bottom of barrel.
Date Estimate 1837-1901





Unknown VR Tipstaff
12.5" long, A very heavy wooden handled brass body, large Crown constructed tipstaff. Interesting item showing traces of paint on Crown. Beautifully cast Royal Arms with VR.
Date Estimate 1837-1901





Northamptonshire Constabulary
15.5" long, Large Crown over scripted VR. Red Cartouch with Northamptonshire Constabulary within. Possibly Parker Holborn, no markings.
Date Estimate 1837-1901

No decoration/detail on reverse




Lindsey Lincolnshire Tipstaff
5.5" long, large painted Crown above gold printed
W.R. and L. under that.
Background is painted black and nicely worn
It is the smallest 'dinky' tipstaff I have.
Date Estimate 1830-1837

No decoration/detail on reverse




Grampian Police Truncheon
6.5" long, Shows a printed Kings Crown badge of the Scottish Police force with the motto 'Semper Vigilo' meaning 'Always Vigilant' A well presented item, probably not used for service.
Date Estimate pre 1952

No decoration/detail on reverse




Fake Tipstaff
7.5" long, An all one piece item with a large cast Crown. Made from stainless steel as it is not magnetic and weighs 467 grams, heavier than any other tipstaff or truncheon. Worth a mention here as it is particularly well made. It seems to be a copy of Ref: 105 and  .
Date Estimate from 1970

No decoration/detail on reverse




Unknown Standard Plain Tipstaff
7.5" long, plain brass barrel with a two part
cast crown. Very much like Ref:113
4" dark mahogany shaped handle grip.
Difficult to date

No decoration/detail on reverse




Hastings Tipstaff
7" long, plain brass barrel with a two part
cast crown nicely joined. Coat of Arms for the Borough of Hastings. Very similar to Ref:160
4" black ebony shaped handle grip.
Date Estimated pre 1836





Unknown Standard Plain Tipstaff
11.5" long baulster painted very dark red/brown
Royal Arms with supporters, below
Dieu Et Mon Droit on a banner. Very similar in shape to Ref:128.
Date Estimate possibly 1842




As on page one... You may wonder why numbers: 89,91,92,93,96,97,98,100,101,104,106,107,108,109,110,111,112,114,117,118,119,120,124,125,126,127,129,134,135,138,139,140,141,142,144 - are not included. This is because these were either sold, exchanged or swapped. While his reference book still shows photos, dates bought and price paid... I really don't fancy listing all this extra detail at this time!

Note that: In my study of Alan's truncheons, I had found much help and assistance from a book 'Truncheons An Unequal Match' by Alan C. Cook, where many of these truncheons here, are photographed and detailed.. 

The link will take you to the authors Web Pages at I fully recommend you own a copy.

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