Website dedicated to the late Alan E Swain 

                                         who passed away on the 9th December 2015.





Last Updated: Thursday 12th April 2018.

  1. About Alan Swain.                                     Completed

  2. Cyril Kent Sim Reference  Page Two.          Completed

  3. Police Badge Collection.                              Completed

  4. Police Patches                                           Completed

  5. Canadian & New Zealand Badges.                Completed

  6. Truncheons.  Page Two. Page Three.           Completed

  7. Hats and Uniforms                                    Not started

  8. Photographs.                                             Not started

  9. Police Odds & Ends

  10. Documents

  11. Dennis Spicer Accident Report

  12. My Guest Book.     Please Use!


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